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ACITI funds itself by providing for-fee services that tap into the deep trade and investment policy and programs expertise of ACITI staff and collaborators. We conduct bespoke research projects and analysis of trade and investment market and policy topics tailored to the specific needs of companies, organisations and government agencies. ACITI conducts training courses on a full range of international trade and investment policy and commercial topics. ACITI also helps clients with international and Australian market intelligence, and support for incoming delegations seeking to understand Australia's market, policies and commercial opportunities.

Research and

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ACITI'S research and analysis services assist companies, government agencies, industry associations and other organisations seeking information on the full range of international trade and investment topics. Our products range from in depth, data rich studies, to one-page issues briefs, power point presentations, and in-person briefings.

We have expertise in Australia's trade and investment policies, government programs and agencies, trade agreements and negotiations, trade finance, customs and border processes, trade remedies, and international trade law. We also have expertise in the trade and investment policies of a number of Australia's key trade partners including the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, the EU, the UK, India, ASEAN economies and Gulf Cooperation Council economies.


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ACITI's training courses cater to those needing to understand Australia's trade and investment regulatory environment, government policy and programs, international trade and investment agreements, and Australian and international market conditions and opportunities.

We run small or large group courses designed to meet the specific needs of companies and organisations. Courses can be provided in-house or at our training location in Canberra.

All courses are conducted by experts in their field and include detailed course materials. Course duration and intensity is flexible based on the needs of the client.

Market Intelligence and Delegations

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ACITI's inhouse experts and collaborators draw on their policy and commercial expertise to provide clients with insights into the Australian and key trade and investment markets. These services help companies identify new market opportunities and navigate regulatory hurdles in established and growth markets.

ACITI also supports incoming private sector and government delegations seeking to understand the Australian market and regulatory environment. We offer a range of support services for delegations from designing and conducting full visit programs to advising on program elements and meetings and managing visit logistics.

To find out how ACITI can help you, please email us at or call us on +61 (0)404 670 434 or click on the button below to send an inquiry.

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In addition to providing analysis and advisory services, ACITI also showcases other experts providing commercial analysis and advisory services on market, legal, policy, and/or geopolitical issues related to international trade and investment. You can get in touch with these experts directly or contact ACITI for information on which service might best meet your needs. ACITI can also coordinate tailored teams of experts to work on projects or questions requiring diverse expertise.

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Australia’s FTAs

World Trade Organisation negotiations and processes

WTO Dispute Settlement

Trade remedies

Trade remedies

Sanitary and Phytosanitary trade rules


Data Flows

Financial services

Competition People movements in trade agreements

Agricultural trade Technical Barriers to Trade

Investor-state dispute settlement

International Intellectual Property Agreements

Domestic industrial subsidies

Government procurement

Trade Facilitation

Export Market Development Grants

Market intelligence for the following economies

ACITI Network

You can join the ACITI network by becoming a Member, contributing your expertise to ACITI Research, Partnering with ACITI events, and/or becoming a financial Supporter with a (tax deductible) donation.


ACITI Members can contribute their ideas to how ACITI is run. They have a vote at the ACITI AGM and receive a monthly update on ACITI’s activities and an invitation to all ACITI events. You can register your interest in becoming a member here.

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ACITI is on the lookout for people with the expertise, skills and/or experience to join our team of trade and investment experts. If that’ you, please email

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Chatto Creek Advisory

Chatto Creek Advisory Pty Limited is a strategic consultancy, project manager and service delivery provider. It is based in Melbourne and headed by Russell Scoular. It publishes The Chatto Creek Trade Report, a weekly newsletter designed to provide busy executives with a snap-shot summary of the latest trade policy news from throughout the dynamic Asia Pacific region.

Expertise: Chatto Creek Advisory providers small to medium businesses with trade policy briefings, policy analysis reports, government engagement plans and project management services. It is headed by Russell Scoular. He has rich commercial, trade policy and government relations expertise having spent 32 years with the Ford Motor Company in New Zealand, Australia and China. A Master of Public Policy & Management graduate from Monash University, he is also a senior fellow at the Asian Trade Centre in Singapore.

Dearin & Associates

Dearin & Associates is an international business consultancy, which helps companies to scale internationally and amplify their impact in the world.

Expertise: Dearin & Associates provides market analysis, cross-cultural consulting, international commercial legal services, digital services and foreign exchange services. Sectoral experience includes government, professional services, pharmaceutical, retail, tourism, airlines, mining, real estate, elaborate manufactures, fashion, food and beverage and luxury goods. Market experience includes the UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Iraq, UK, US, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Western Europe, Austria and the CIS states and Papua New Guinea.

Explain Trade

ExplainTrade is a Geneva based consultancy specializing in bespoke training, commentary, and advice on negotiations, trade policy, and communications.

Expertise: Trade policy overviews, trade negotiations, the WTO, Brexit and UK trade policy, services, aid for trade.

Export Council Australia

The ECA has the development of Australia’s resources via the promotion of Australian industry in international markets as its primary goal. It is a membership-based organisation that delivers a range of member services, contributes to trade policy, and delivers skills development programs. 

Expertise: Developing international business skills, building Australian business capacity, conducting international market research.

Institute for International Trade

The Institute for International Trade (IIT) at The University of Adelaide has conducted extensive trade-related research in both academic and applied settings over the past 15 years that draws on its extensive network of distinguished researches and experienced trade practitioners.

Expertise: The IIT’s research spans Africa, South East Asia, Europe, the Asia Pacific, Central Asia and Latin America with a particular focus on developing economies. Much of its work supports governments, industry and coordinating bodies responsible for the effective implementation of regional and development cooperation projects and activities.

Lexbridge Lawyers

Lexbridge is a legal practice and consultancy, specialising in international law, including trade and investment, and government matters.

Expertise: Lexbridge provides advice and assistance across the entire range of trade issues including under the WTO, Free Trade Agreements, and investment treaties.   Our expertise ranges from tariffs and behind the border regulation to trade in services and investment, from intellectual property to procurement.  We also have extensive experience providing technical assistance and training across the range of trade and investment issues to private and public sector clients across the Asia-Pacific.

Moulis Legal

Moulis Legal’s particular focus areas are international trade and investment, energy and resources, intellectual property, government procurement, property acquisition and development, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, and major commercial projects.

Expertise:  Moulis Legal’s regulatory lawyers have substantial experience in anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguards investigations and in import/export matters, including sanctions. They regularly act on business transactions involving counter parties in Europe, the US and Asia. The firm has special knowledge and experience of trade and investment between Australia and China.


Policyware is an online education platform providing intensive courses -deep dives – on a range of international trade and investment, digital and other critical public policy issues. Taught by world-leading scholars from top universities, think tanks and law firms, including the Brookings Institution, Berkeley, Yale, University College London and Aikin Gump, deep dives are delivered online using a mix of pre-recorded content and live lectures. Policyware also provides tailored in-person or online training, detailed reports, regular newsletters, and keynote addresses.

Expertise:  Key areas of expertise are digital economy development and digital technology regulation including AI, international trade and investment including human rights and labor standards in global supply chains, the latest developments in climate change and clean energy policies, developments in ESG Finance and the design of impact bonds to fund social change, China tech and data governance developments, and how privacy law and policy is developing in key countries and globally.

Andrew Hudson

Andrew is a trusted and highly-regarded industry adviser to businesses, industry associations, other peak bodies and government. He regularly consults on legal and trade developments that affect Australian and international businesses.

Expertise: Rigby Cooke Lawyers Customs and Trade practice has expertise in international trade, customs and tariffs, intellectual property, international alliances, industry training, government and industry relations. It assists both public and private sectors including importers, exporters, licensed customs brokers, freight forwarders, shippers, marine insurers and trade financiers, government agencies and other industry parties.

The Purposeful Exporter

The Purposeful Exporter is a management and training consultancy that supports firms to identify, test and prepare for international market opportunities where they can demonstrate strong value and optimise their investment. Our clients can access a proven strategic Framework validated by an aggregator model of the attributes of highly successful Australian exporters who deliver transformational growth and high returns.

Expertise: We show leaders and their teams how to apply this framework to develop and implement an over-arching growth strategy based on their “incontestable” value and a reliable scaling model. And from there, how to target the right customers in the right markets through a nuanced go-to-market strategy that leverages strategic partnerships and the right external capability. We develop their resilience in the face of the inevitable supply chain and other shocks of international markets. And stay close as they execute on go-to-market plans that fully leverage the growth opportunity and optimise the return to the business, and for investors.

Watson Farley & Williams

Watson Farley & Williams is an international law firm with a focus on the energy, transport and infrastructure sectors. Our 19 offices and 650+ lawyers work as integrated teams to provide practical, commercially focused advice to clients around the world and include a specialist team of public international law, trade and investment and international dispute resolution experts.

Expertise: Watson Farley & Williams’ lawyers have substantial expertise and experience on the full spectrum of trade and investment issues, including WTO disputes and negotiations, free trade agreements, investment treaties, and new agreements such as on digital trade or the green economy. They have negotiated or advised on a range of issues including, digital trade, services and investment, rules of origin, and government procurement. The firm provides capacity building, training and briefing to governments and private sector clients.