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Australia sits in a unique position to contribute to, and influence, international trade and investment policy, practices and norms. As a middle-income economy, an important trader in resources, agriculture and services and a major investment source and destination, our views carry weight. Australia was active in the creation of the international institutions which underpin international trade and investment. A number of institutions and scholars across Australia continue to undertake the critical research needed to inform business, policy and consumer decisions. ACITI showcases these individuals and institutions and their work to promote debate and collaboration.

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ACITI study on research and teaching on ITI in Australia
ACITI is undertaking a study into the great work done in Australia's universities researching and teaching on international trade and investment (ITI) topics. The study surveys all of Australia's universities to identify academics undertaking research on ITI topics and courses taught on these topics. The annual study will provide a source of information for showcasing current research, promoting discussion and debate, and identifying opportunities for new research and teaching.

If you are an academic working on international trade and investment-related questions, our team of amazing interns will be in touch in September 2023 with our short survey. Thank you for your support in advance!

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Australia’s FTAs

World Trade Organisation negotiations and processes

WTO Dispute Settlement

Trade remedies

Trade remedies

Sanitary and Phytosanitary trade rules


Data Flows

Financial services

Competition People movements in trade agreements

Agricultural trade Technical Barriers to Trade

Investor-state dispute settlement

International Intellectual Property Agreements

Domestic industrial subsidies

Government procurement

Trade Facilitation

Export Market Development Grants

Market intelligence for the following economies

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Associate Professor Emma Aisbett

Associate Professor ANU School of Law and Associate Director (Research) Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific Grand Challenge, Australian National University

International Trade And Investment Law, International investment governance, Political economy of trade policy, International political economy, International Economics, Public Economics Public Choice, Environment And Resource Economics, Trade-related climate policy, International Green Industrial Policy, and Panel Data Analysis.

Emeritus Professor Kym Anderson AC

School of Economics, University of Adelaide

International trade and development economics, and the economics of agriculture, food and wine.

Dr Shiro Armstrong

Australian National University

Japan economic policy. International trade. Free Trade Agreements.

Professor Peter Draper

Institute for International Trade, University of Adelaide

Institute for International Trade

The University of Adelaide

The Institute for International Trade brings together leading academics, experienced trade practitioners and negotiators to address key challenges faced by businesses and governments seeking to expand trade and investment opportunities across the globe.

Dr Naoise McDonagh

School of Business and Law, Edith Cowan University

Politics and international trade; geopolitics and international business; foreign direct investment screening and national security; economic sanctions and business risk; China and the world economy.

Professor Andrew Mitchell

Faculty of Law, Monash University

International Economic Law, International Law, Public international law, International trade law, International investment law, Digital trade

Professor Richard Pomfret

Institute for International Trade, University of Adelaide

International trade, international economics, and economic development.

Professor Markus Wagner

Faculty of Business and Law, School of Law, University of Woolongong

international trade and investment law, international comparative law, public international law, public law, constitutional law and international humanitarian and human rights law