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Australia sits in a unique position to contribute to, and influence, international trade and investment policy, practices and norms. As a middle-income economy, an important trader in resources, agriculture and services and a major investment source and destination, our views carry weight. Australia was active in the creation of the international institutions which underpin international trade and investment. A number of institutions and scholars across Australia continue to undertake the critical research needed to inform business, policy and consumer decisions. ACITI showcases these individuals and institutions and their work to promote debate and collaboration.

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ACITI 2023 Survey on International Trade an Investment (ITI) Research and Teaching at Australian Universities

The ACITI 2023 Survey on ITI Research and Teaching at Australian Universities is now available HERE.

The 2023 Survey presents a snapshot of the current state of teaching and research on ITI topics at Australian Universities. In advancing ACITI’s purpose to showcase and promote this work, the survey will be conducted annually to support greater dissemination of academic work and engagement on important ITI topics. 

Results of the 2023 Survey indicate a possible narrowing of the ITI academic cohort with few early career academics responding to the survey, relatively little engagement with unions and business, and a reliance on traditional mechanisms for disseminating research. These results suggest there may be a need to encourage students to consider this important field and support expanded and new ways to disseminate this research. The survey will inform ACITI’s work going forward. We welcome collaboration with other interested organisations and individuals in this endeavour.

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Australia’s FTAs

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Trade remedies

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Financial services

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Associate Professor Emma Aisbett

School of Law and Associate Director (Research) Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific Grand Challenge, Australian National University

International Trade And Investment Law, International investment governance, Political economy of trade policy, International political economy, International Economics, Public Economics Public Choice, Environment And Resource Economics, Trade-related climate policy, International Green Industrial Policy, and Panel Data Analysis.

Emeritus Professor Kym Anderson AC

School of Economics, University of Adelaide

International trade and development economics, and the economics of agriculture, food and wine.

Professor Sajid Anwar

University of the Sunshine Coast

International trade and trade policy

Associate Professor Sobhan (Sean) Arisian

La Trobe Business School, La Trobe University

Applied operations with a special interest in modeling and practical logistics and supply chain problems, security and resiliency at the global supply chain/international trade interface, transformative digital supply chain strategies.

Professor Shiro Armstrong

Australian National University

Japan economic policy, international trade, free trade agreements.

Professor Vivienne Bath

University of Sydney

Chinese law, international trade and investment, international commercial transactions.

Ms Raffaella Belloni - Associate Lecturer

University of the Sunshine Coast

Labour economics, international trade, and macroeconomics.

Professor Jeffrey H Bergstrand

University of Notre Dame

Determinants of international trade flows and of bilateral foreign direct investment (FDI) and quantitative measurement of partial and general equilibrium effects of economic integration agreements on trade flows and bilateral FDI.

Professor Helen Cabalu

Curtin University

International trade policy, particularly ASEAN and developing countries in the light of changing World Trade Organisation deliberations, competition policy at the national and international levels, resource economics with major international economics component, macroeconomic policy of economies in East Asia and Australia

Mr Dominic Carbone

University of Adelaide

Legal Aspects of International Business

Professor Anthony E Cassimatis AM

University of Queensland

International law, administrative law and public law generally.

Dr Ivana Damjanovic

Australian National University & University of Canberra

International investment law; EU trade and investment law and policy.

Dr Cecilia Das

Edith Cowan University

Innovation systems, employment and labour practices and corporate governance.

Associate Professor Felicity Deane

Queensland University of Technology

Issues where economics and the law intersect, World Trade Organization law and international trade law and practice, and the impact of trade rules on climate change market based instruments.

Professor Peter Draper

Institute for International Trade, University of Adelaide

International trade policy, World Trade Organisation agreements and negotiations, FTAs, EU Trade Policy, developing countries.

Associate Professor Jiangang Fei

University of Tasmania

International logistics, supply chains and maritime freight.

Dr Nicholas Frank

Australian National University

The political economy of trade and investment governance using formal theory, econometrics, inferential network approaches, and text-as-data techniques

Dr Umair Ghori, Associate Professor

Faculty of Law, Bond University

International trade and investment laws

Institute for International Trade

The University of Adelaide

The Institute for International Trade brings together leading academics, experienced trade practitioners and negotiators to address key challenges faced by businesses and governments seeking to expand trade and investment opportunities across the globe.

Dr Wei Li

The University of Sydney Business School

Australia China trade and investment relations.

Dr Naoise McDonagh

School of Business and Law, Edith Cowan University

Politics and international trade; geopolitics and international business; foreign direct investment screening and national security; economic sanctions and business risk; China and the world economy.

Professor Andrew Mitchell

Faculty of Law, Monash University

International Economic Law, International Law, Public international law, International trade law, International investment law, Digital trade

Dr James Munro

WTO and University of Queensland

Trade Remedies; Carbon pricing and international trade/investment rules; Trade and environment

Professor Luke Nottage

Sydney Law School, University of Sydney

International investment (treaties and arbitration), corruption, consumer protection, corporate governance – especially ASEAN and Japan

Professor Colin Picker

University of Wollongong

International Economic Law, Comparative Law

Professor Richard Pomfret

Institute for International Trade, University of Adelaide

International trade, international economics, and economic development.

Associate Professor Evgeny Postnikov

School of Social and Political Studies, The University of Melbourne

International political economy and politics of trade, European Union politics and external relations.

Associate Professor Esmé Shirlow

Australian National University

International investment law and arbitration; public international law; international dispute settlement

Professor Lisa Toohey

University of New South Wales

International trade law, trade disputes, traceability and trade, trade and geopolitics.

Professor Markus Wagner

Faculty of Business and Law, School of Law, University of Woolongong

International economic law, international trade law, international investment law, public international law, international health law, food security and food safety.

Associate Professor Robert Waschik

Centre of Policy Studies, Victoria University

Computable general equilibrium modelling; international trade theory and policy

Professor David Widdowson AM

Charles Sturt University

Trade facilitation; regulatory compliance management; risk management; supply chain security

Dr Genevieve Wilkinson

University of Technology Sydney

International IP Law

Dr Ping Xiong

University of South Australia

International economic law and focus on international protection of intellectual property

Associate Professor Weihuan Zhou

UNSW Law & Justice, China International Business and Economic Law (CIBEL) Centre

International economic law, World Trade Organization law, customs law especially trade remedies, free trade agreements, Chinese commercial law, China’s regulation of international trade and investment, and China’s integration into the international and regional economic order.