Trade Policy Decoded is hosted by Professor Peter Draper, Executive Director of the Institute for International Trade at the University of Adelaide, and Dr Prudence Gordon, Executive Director of the Australian Centre for International Trade and Investment.

The podcast is for anyone with an interest in international trade policy - both experts and trade policy novices.

Each fortnight, Peter and Pru explore two or three current trade policy topics. They start with a quick overview for those new to the topic, then delve into the guts of the issue with updates, information and analysis that’s timely, easy to access, super interesting and insightful. Trade Policy Decoded covers trade policy in Australia and the world.

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Episode 9: 2024 Trade Policy Tour d'Horizon

In the first episode of Trade Policy Decoded for 2024, Pru and Peter scan the macro and geoeconomic issues most likely to impact international trade policy over the next 12 months. They then dig down into the impact and implications of these broader factors for Australia's trade policy priorities in 2024.

Recorded on 1 February 2024.

Episode 8: 2023 - and that's a wrap!

In this episode of Trade Policy Decoded, Pru and Peter cover off on the key trade policy developments in 2023. From China, the winners, losers and unfinished business on Australia's trade negotiation 'dance card', to climate change and war in Ukraine and the Middle East. If 2023 was a trade policy whirlwind for you, this podcast sets it out in a nut shell and puts you on solid ground to face 2024!

Recorded on 21 December 2023

Episode 7: Understanding the new Values-based Trade Policy

Peter and Pru were joined by special guest, Dr Naoise McDonaugh from Edith Cowan University, to discuss the evolution and impact of 'values-based' trade. The podcast looks into the changing values informing trade policy over the past 30 years and how geopolitical tensions are seeing the values underpinning trade policy expanding well beyond traditional commercial and development focused values. Peter and Naoise discuss their research on the topic and the need for further research (and supporting funding) to help governments and business get a much better handle on the impact and design of values-based trade policy.

Recorded on 6 December 2023

Episode 6: China-Australia trade relations following PM Albanese's and Peter Draper's visit!

Prime Minister Albanese's meeting with President Xi signaled a turning point in the Australia-China relationship. Peter Draper was on the ground in China during the visit. In this week's episode of Trade Policy Decoded, Peter and Pru discuss how the visit was seen in China and Australia, the key issues and debates raised by developments in the bilateral relationship, and what might come out of the meeting then underway between Presidents Biden and Xi.

Recorded on 16 November 2023

Episode 5: Trade and Climate Change - what went down at the ACITI Conference

In this episode, Peter and Pru provide a cheat-sheet on the key arguments that came out of the ACITI Annual Conference on international trade, investment and the climate change challenge. From trade and investment clean energy and tech opportunities, to the reshaping of global markets based on access to cheap energy, the pros and cons of Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms and green subsidies, and intergovernmental efforts to pull together - for those short on time - this podcast has it all!

Recorded on 26 October 2023

Episode 4: The Australia-European Union Trade Relationship

As negotiations for an Australia-European Union Free Trade Agreement get to the pointy end, Peter and Pru discuss the broader Australia-EU trade relationship, current stumbling blocks in the negotiations and hurdles still to overcome.

Recorded on 12 October 2023

Episode 3: IPEF - The emperor's new clothes or values imperialism?

In Episode 3 of Trade Policy Decoded, Peter and Pru run the ruler over the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) negotiations. Unlike any trade agreement before it, Peter and Pru look at IPEF's focus on creating collaborative arrangements rather than hard and fast commitments. They then get into the weeds of the IPEF Supply Chain agreement - a mix of lofty ambition, great intentions, and a surprising twist!

Recorded on 29 September 2023

Episode 2: Green Shoots at the World Trade Organisation?

Coming to you from the WTO Public Forum in Geneva, this week Peter and Pru bring listeners up to speed on discussions on reform of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the WTO's role in managing climate change measures, glimmers of hope for the WTO dispute settlement system, and prospects for the WTO moratorium on e-commerce.

Recorded on 15 September 2023

Episode 1: Welcome to Trade Policy Decoded, the Australia-China Trade Relationship and Climate Clubs

In this first episode of Trade Policy Decoded, Peter and Pru  introduce the podcast. They then delve into the Australia-China trade relationship and the growth of 'climate clubs'.

Recorded on 31 Aug 2023