WEBINAR RECORDING: The Services Export Action Plan (SEAP) - a new model for Government-Industry engagement

August 3, 2023

The Services Export Action Plan (SEAP) was a roadmap for promoting Australia's services exports. It sat alongside specific strategies for promoting Australia's largest services exports - education and tourism. Services make up around 80 per cent of the Australian economy - so a plan to capitalise on all that expertise by exporting more of those services to international markets makes good sense. The SEAP was exceptional not only in its recommendations on what Australia needs to do to grow our services exports, it was also exceptional in how it reached those recommendations. The process of government and industry engagement that created SEAP provides a valuable model of industry-government engagement for policy making in other areas. This webinar featured James Bond, President of the Australian Services Roundtable who spoke about the SEAP, what it was, how it came about and how it might be a model for policy making beyond services exports. Matthew Duckworth, Assistant Secretary, Services, Competition and Intellectual Property Branch, and Jenny Dee, Assistant Secretary, Stakeholder Engagement and Advocacy Branch at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, outlined the Government's forward agenda for promoting services exports and engaging with stakeholders.

More information on the SEAP is available HERE.

Watch the Recording HERE.

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