Export Finance Australia - Who, What and How

Watch ACITI's interview with Export Finance Australia's CEO, John Hopkins, for the low down on what EFA is and how it helps Australian exporters.

Export Finance Australia '101'

Export Finance Australia (EFA) is Australia's export credit agency. You could think of it, in simple terms, as a bank for Australian export businesses. Credit agencies were originally created by governments to help trading businesses manage the risks of international trade. When commercial banks and lenders were reluctant to finance international exports to riskier markets, export credit agencies would step in with loans, guarantees or insurance to ensure the trade could proceed. The activities of export credit agencies have expanded, particularly in the early 2020s, but supporting exporters is still a core mission of most agencies.

Australia's own EFA continues to provide loans and guarantees to exporters as well as financing for some types of infrastructure projects.

ACITI sat down with EFA's incredibly generous and knowledgeable CEO, Mr John Hopkins, to talk about what EFA is, what it does, and how it helps Australian exporting businesses.

Check out the recording HERE.

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Want to know more?

Export Finance Australia's website has a wealth of information on its products and services. It also has some super helpful resources including market profiles, and e-books on developing an export strategy and protecting your intellectual property. And if you need to speak to someone, EFA folks are keen to hear from you.